Saturday, September 10, 2005

Our decision to homeschool

We recently decided to try and homeschool our three children. The issues we have discussed regarding this decision are:

  • Socialization - We want to make sure our kids meet and make friends with as many other children as possible, to ensure that they have an active, healthy social life.
  • Methods of Education - We want our children to learn though hands on experiences and promote a learner-centered environment.
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Homeschooling (Home Schooling vs. Public Schools) - Both Sandy and I greaduated with English teaching degrees, and we acknowledge the fact that no one method of schooling is the best.
  • Christianity - While we are Christians, we want to separate church and school.
We are currently reading as much as we can about homeschooling, in the hopes that we will gain the confidence to do what we think is the best for our children.