Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Geography Activity

Today Sandy was away for the morning so I covered a play ball with paper. The kids painted continents on pieces of paper. I painted the ball light blue. When the continents dried we glued to them to the ball. We learned that if the continents were crumpled first, they fit on the ball much better and looked much more realistic! We hung it from dental floss attached with a hot glue gun. Hung up in the dark bathroom and illuminated with a flashlight, it's a good way to illustrate continents and oceans.

It would be easy to make snowy areas with glue and sprinkles, put in lakes and rivers with markers, and start adding cities. Advanced activities would include:

* Drawing maps of each continent.
* Naming countries and cities.
* Measuring distances.
* Imagining populations.
* Adding islands.
* Studying moons (we made two).